Lake Info

The lake itself is roughly on a 8-10 acre plot, consists of 6 islands which one is now fishable, 3 channels and a back bay. Lake originally was an old gravel pit back in the 1920’s when they was excavating gravel, to which there used to be a stream fed into the lake till 1970 saw the development of some house and the stream got cut off, now the pit relies mainly on weather but has never been in a situation where waters levels are dangerous for the fish.

Mainly silt bottoms all over but in and around the islands there’s gravel bars and some gravel beds to be found around the lake, gets weedy in the summer but controlled by our staff down the lake with regular weeding sessions take place, the carp don’t seem to be put off by this and actually love the bottom being stirred up.

There is no good time to fish this venue as the carp are always active through out the year, there is plenty of naturals for them like muscles, shrimp, blood worm, never be shy of putting bait in as they go around in groups and fish better with more bait going in. When its fishing good you could have a great session down here, but it can also switch off for you to put the effort in and go search for these carp, its not an easy lake to fish but with hard work and determination it pays off.

The stocks levels consist of mainly carp, Tench, Pike, Roach, Rudd, Perch, currently there is 1 known bream in this lake.

Current records for hallifordlake.

  • Mirror Carp 36lb
  • Common Carp 38lb
  • Grass Carp 30lb
  • Ghost Carp 22lb
  • Tench 9lb
Currently there is 28 swims to fish now