Halliford Lake

Welcome to Halliford lake, a natural gravel pit dating back to the 1920’s, Part gravel but mostly silt with weed beds in the summer.

Last 8 years Halliford lake has transformed into a secluded fishing lake, consists of 5 islands 3 channels, work began many years back transforming this overgrown and run down pit into what it is today.

‘Few from the back island swim’

Pathways have been re made trees have been chopped down and a jungle been removed to now have full access to the lake, new swims have been put in place, bridge to the island, lodges built to keep warm and make a brew, 2018 saw the old bugle pub demolished and plans to make flats on the front which now is a better look for the lake entrance and much cleaner.

The lake itself is a natural pit, mainly silt but gravel beds across the lake and weedy in the summer to which is controlled by our team, stacks of 20’s to be caught to which are stunning old original fish with deep colours and characters, known 30’s among this group 7 to this day with the lake record still being 38lb common with the mirrors fast approaching with there weight gains.

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